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Summary Chapter 64

Quixote tells Sancho had he have attacked the acting troupe, he would have given Sancho the angel wings and empress corwn. Sancho points out that it wasn’t made of real gold.

Quixote philosophizes that life is like a play. In a play, people play different roles. When the play ends, they remove their costumes and are equals. It is the same with life. The emperor and peasant are equal at the end, meeting the same fate.

Quixote remarks that Sancho is becoming more wise. Sancho credits Quixote’s influence in being like dung on the barren soil of his brain.

Two men come towards them on horseback during the night. The men unbridle their horse and take off their armor to rest in the same field that Quixote and Sancho are camping in.

The knight plays a sad song. He overhears Quixote and Sancho and calls them over. He recognizes Quixote as a knight, though he is surprised that Sancho speaks when Quixote is speaking. He introduces his squire, who isn’t so discourteous.

The other man’s squire suggests to Sancho they go elsewhere to talk.

Miguel de Cervantes