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Summary Chapter 121

The horsemen bring Don Quixote and Sancho into a court. There is a dead damsel resting on a catafalque. Don Quixote recognizes her as Altisidora. The duke and duchess enters.

Rhadamanthus, a youth in Roman dress, sings a ballad in tribute to Altisidora. A judge then rises and says that Sancho must endure physical punishment to restore Altisidora back to life. Sancho objects, saying that God took Altisidora...and what has he to do with her?

Rhadamanthus orders him to submit. It isn't him to question his judgment.

Duennas enter to inflict the punishment, but Sancho again objects. He will not be punished by duennas. Don Quixote tells him to endure the punishment. The first duenna smacks him. Sancho endures the smacks and pinches, but when they start pricking him with pins, he comes after them with a torch.

Altisidora wakes up, tiring of lying on her back. Don Quixote tells Sancho he should then take some lashes to disenchant Dulcinea. Sancho complains he has just been pinched and smack, and he is in no mood to suffer a lashing. Altisidora thanks Sancho for restoring her and offers him shirts.

Don Quixote and Sancho are given their old quarters.

Miguel de Cervantes