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Summary Chapter 90

The Countess Trifaldi follows a group of mourners. "Trifaldi" is a name that refers to her skirts. Before, she was called "Lobuna" for all the wolves that were in her country. It is tradition to take a name for what is distinctive about a count or countess.

Don Quixote stands and goes to her. She lays herself at his mercy. He vows to help her. The duke and duchess have a hard time stifling their laughter, for the Countess is another actor.

She tells him she was the highest ranking duenna of Queen Maguncia. She was responsible for raising the queen's beautiful and intelligent daughter. The princess was much admired. There was a gentleman at court that aspired to claim the princess. He seduced the duenna for this purpose. She helped him gain the princess as his wife and keep it secret until the vicar blessed the marriage.

Miguel de Cervantes