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Summary Chapter 107

Dapple and Sancho fall into a hole after taking leave of the pilgrims. They are not injured, but Sancho finds he is unable to get out of the hole. Sancho bemoans the cruel twist of fate. When dawn comes, he tries shouting for help--but there is no one to hear his cries. He then notices a crevice he can crawl through. He digs so Dapple can pass too. He goes through the vaults, looking for a way out.

Meanwhile, Don Quixote nearly tumbles into a cave while riding Rocinante. He thinks he hears Sancho and calls to him. At first, Quixote thinks Sancho is dead and a ghost. Sancho tells him he is quite alive and has left his governorship. He fell into a hole. Don Quixote tells him he’ll go to the castle to get help.

The duke and duchess are surprised to hear that Sancho has quit his governorship but send help. A student comments that Sancho suffered the fate all bad governors should have. Sancho replies angrily that he didn’t deserve it. He never took bribes. He never had a decent meal. Quixote tells him to ignore what people say. A rich governor is accused of stealing, and a poor one is called a fool.

Sancho tends to Dapple, then reports to the duke and duchess. He tells them he oversaw cases and was credited for saving the island from enemies. He starved under the doctor’s orders. He found the responsibility too much. He left it before it left him. He did leave it the way he found it. Coming here, he fell into a pit. He wishes to return to being Quixote’s squire.

The duke tells him he understands. He'll give him another post.

Miguel de Cervantes