Summary Chapter 42

Another traveller comes with his entourage. They are told that the inn is full. The squire insists room be made for the Judge, and the landlady agrees to give him her and her husband's room.

The Judge enters witha beautiful 16 year old girl. Don Quixote bids him to enter, saying the inn is poor and overcrowded, but there are men of arms who will protect and serve the maiden. The judge is bewildered.

The traveller who came with Zoraida recognizes the judge as his brother. The maiden is the Judge's daughter, whose mother died in childbirth. The traveller is afraid to reveal his identity to his brother, fearing his brother will be ashamed of his poverty.

The curate goes to the Judge to see how he would react to his brother. He tells the Judge that he knew his brother and gives his history up to the point where he was captured by French pirates. The Judge cries at the news. He is the youngest brother. The other brother is a rich man in Peru. Their father is alive but anxious for news of his eldest son. The curate introduces the Judge to his brother and Zoraida, who are warmly welcomed.

The Judge asks his brother and Zoraida to accompanyhim to Seville, which they agree. He plans to write his father about the happy news.

Everyone retires. Don Quixote stays up to protect the castle. The others tell the Judge about his madness.

Before dawn, the women hear a voice singing sweetly.

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