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Summary Chapter 54

Meanwhile, Sancho tries to visit--but the housekeeper and niece refuse him admittance. They accuse him of indulging Quixote’s insanity. Sancho says it was Quixote who tricked him. He is still waiting for his island. Quixote makes them let Sancho in. The curate and barber depart, depressed by how deep Quixote's psychosis is. The barber can’t believe how Sancho will not give up this idea of governing an island despite the many disappointments. The curate observes the two are very similar, though one is mad and the other is mentally deficient. The barber wishes he knew what they were discussing, but the curate doesn’t doubt one of the women is eavesdropping and will keep them informed.

Don Quixote tells Sancho that they are connected as master and servant. Just as the evil that befalls Quixote affects Sancho, Sancho’s suffering will distress Quixote. He then asks Sancho about what the villagers and nobles think of him. Do they discuss his deeds? He orders Sancho not to lie or embellish. Sancho agrees as long as Quixote will not get angry. Quixote promises.

Sancho says the villagers think Quixote is a madman and that Sancho is a simpleton. The gentry say Quixote has not behaved as a gentleman should and doesn’t deserve the title of Don. Some find his exploits amusing. Others believe he is valiant but impertinent.

Quixote claims it is common for the virtuous to be persecuted. Sancho says that a book has already been written about them. Don Quixote believes it must have been written by a magician. Sancho offers to bring him the man who told him about the book for a visit. Quixote agrees. Sancho leaves to fetch the man.

Miguel de Cervantes