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Summary Chapter 113

Don Juan spends three days with Roque's group and observes the tumultuous, uncomfortable lifestyle they lead. Roque doesn't even trust his own men to tell them where he sleeps at night, fearing they will deliver him up for the ransom on his life. Roque escorts Don Quixote to Barcelona and gives Sancho ten crowns. They depart company.

When Quixote enters the city, some horsemen come up and welcome him. They explain they are friends of Roque Guinart's and mean to extend their hospitality to Don Quixote and his squire. Quixote accepts.

While pressing through the crowd, some street urchins run up and place briars under the tails of Dapple and Rocinante. The discomfort causes the animals to throw their riders to the ground. The horsemen try to punish the urchins, but they have already disappeared in the crowd.

Miguel de Cervantes