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Summary Chapter 10

Sancho, seeing Don Quixote victorious, asks for his island. Don Quixote tells him they will have to have many adventures before they earn their rewards.

Sancho advises going to a church. The Biscayan squire may notify the authorities and have them arrested. Quixote tells him that knights are never arrested, no matter how many people they kill.

Sancho wants to dress his ear wound. Quixote wishes he had made a special balsam that has miraculous healing properties. Sancho asks for the recipe instead of the island. Don Quixote plans to reveal many secrets to him.

Don Quixote becomes upset when he sees his helmet is now damaged. He vows revenge on the culprit. Sancho points out that his foe did as he was ordered, and therefore Quixote can’t revenge himself until his enemy commits another wrong. Quixote realizes this is correct and takes back the vow.

Don Quixote plans to get a new helmet by challengeing another person. Sancho tells him that he shouldn’t attack people, for it is bound to shorten his life—and the only people he is going to encounter anyway are muleteers. Don Quixote tells him he is wrong. Then he asks for a meal and tells Sancho they will search for a castle afterwards where they can spend the night.

Sancho wishes their food was more fitting for a knight. Quixote tells him that knights often go a month without eating and often subsist on wild plants growing around them. Sancho decides they should learn about what plants are edible in their environment.

They are unable to reach the next village and camp outdoors again.

Miguel de Cervantes