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Summary Chapter 58

Meanwhile, the housekeeper and niece suspect Quixote plans to leave. They try to deter him. They threaten to go to God and the king. Quixote doubts either will concern themselves. They point out the king already has knights at court. He says they are courtiers. He is a more active knight that wanders the world, enduring hardships to keep it safe.

He goes into a long dialogue about the differences between knights, and how different they can be in lifestyle and manners. He tells them that men can attain wealth and honor by letters or by arms. He has more arms than letters, so that is his path.

Sancho arrives. The housekeeper goes into another room to avoid him, for she hates him. The niece lets him in. Sancho and Quixote lock themselves in his room to discuss matters.

Miguel de Cervantes