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Summary Chapter 59

The housekeeper seeks out Samson Carrasco, hoping he’ll talk sense into Quixote. She tells him everytime Quixote goes on a his adventures, he comes back in bad shape—which is costly to cure. He tells her to pray to St. Apollonia. She fails to see how that will help. However, he agrees to talk to Don Quixote.

Sancho asks Quixote for a salary, for rewards may never come. Don Quixote says knights never paid their squires salaries, only with rewards. If Sancho can’t find these terms agreeable, Quixote can find someone else to be his squire.

Samson arrives, and in front of the housekeeper, he encourages Quixote in his quest and pledges his help. The housekeeper and niece curse him.

Quixote plans to leave in three days. The housekeeper and niece fret about this. Quixote and Sancho prepare for the trip.

They leave for El Toboso. Samson escorts them out of the village.

Miguel de Cervantes