Summary Chapter 86

The duchess marvels how Sancho can believe that Dulcinea is enchanted when he was the originator of the hoax.

A week later, they take Quixote on a hunt. They give Quixote and Sancho clothes. Quixote refuses his but Sancho plans to sell his.

They find a boar. Quixote and the duke go to confront it. Sancho tries to flee up a tree. The branch snaps, and he is dangling mid-air. He cries for help. He winds up ripping his suit. Quixote helps him down after the boar is killed.

Sancho doesn’t like hunting dangerous animals, particularly when they haven’t done any harm. The duke says hunting is an expression of war. It is only for the higher classes. Sancho will do it when he is a governor. Sancho remarks it wouldn’t be good to be having fun in the woods when his subjects come to see him, and it isn’t good to risk injury either.

Quixote complains about Sancho rambling on with his many proverbs. The duchess defends Sancho.

At night, they hear trumpets blazing. The duke asks the courier who he is and who the warriors with him are. The courier identifies himself as the Devil and the troupes his enchanters, who are carrying Dulcinea. Montesinos is also coming to give instructions on how she is to be restored to Don Quixote. The Devil orders Quixote to wait for Montesinos.

Don Quixote does as he is told. Later, more horrifying sounds are heard. Sancho faints in terror. An elderly gentleman arrives on a cart pulled by devils. There are other carts pulling elderly gentlemen, and each stops only to identify himself by name and to claim he is a sage. One cart has a young man that claims he is an enchanter and an enemy of Amadis of Gaul.

Beautiful music follows, and Sancho is relieved—for it must signal something good.

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