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Summary Chapter 105

Sancho has been governor a week. He has been busy with judging cases and legislation. He is sleeping.

He is suddenly awakened by alarm bells. Drums and trumpets are heard. Men come towards him with torches, saying enemies have invaded the island.

Sancho asks for them to send for Don Quixote, for he knows nothing about battles himself. They present him armor and weapons, which he puts on. Sancho can’t move in it. He falls down and can’t get up. His own men trample him.

His men defeat the enemy. Sancho wants no part of the spoils, only some wine to quench his thrist. He faints, and the people regret taking the joke so far. Sancho recovers and puts on his clothes.

Sanho visits Dapple and misses his care-free days before his governorship. He tells his secretary and others that he is givng up his governorship. He is better suited for other things.

The doctor tries to dissuade him, but Sancho refuses. The steward tells him that he is required to leave an account of his administration. Sancho says he’ll deliver the report to the duke. The people bid him farewell, admiring his good sense and determination.

Miguel de Cervantes