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Summary Chapter 33

Marianne agrees to go out with Elinor and Mrs.Jennings to Gray’s. She refuses to go calling. At Gray's, they run into their brother, who is happy to see them. He apologizes for not calling on them sooner. He and his wife have been busy. He looks forward to meeting Mrs. Jennings and the Middletons.

He visits the next day. Fanny is not with him since she is visiting her mother. He asks to be introduced to the Middletons. He is curious about Colonel Brandon.

He believes that the Colonel favors Elinor. He encourages her to return his favor. Her prior attachment to Edward cannot come to anything. Everyone wants to see Elinor marry—even Mrs. Ferrars, who she has never met. Though it hasn’t totally been arranged, Mrs. Ferrars has agreed to give Edward a settlement if he marries Miss Morton. John Dashwood claims Mrs. Ferrars is very generous. She gave them some money when they came to town. He tells Elinor that people don’t believe that he is not as rich as they suppose he is. He has a lot of expenses, though.

He tells Elinor they plan to knock down the oak trees at Norland to make room for a greenhouse, which pangs Elinor.

John Dashwood also anticipates that Mrs. Jennings will leave the Dashwood girls a legacy since she is so fond of them and her daughters are well married.

He expresses his concern over how unwell Marianne looks. Elinor says it is a nervous complaint. John Dashwood and his wife used to think Marianne would marry first and better than Elinor, but they won’t believe that of her now.

He meets the Middletons. He is delighted with them.l He tells Elinor that Mrs. Ferrars thought that Mrs. Jennings would not be the sort of woman he and Fanny should know. He plans to bring back a good report that says otherwise.

Jane Austen