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Summary Chapter 36

Mrs. Palmer gives birth to a son. Mrs. Jennings visits her daily. The Dashwood girls, who would have preferred to stay home, are obliged to visit the Middletons. The Steele girls are frequently there too.

Lady Middleton does not care for the Dashwood girls since they don’t take an interest in her children. She also distrusts people who are fond of reading.

Lucy tries to find out information about Willoughby, but neither Elinor or Marianne indulge her.

Mrs. Jennings is vexed that Mr. Palmer doesn’t view his child any more remarkable than any other baby.

Mrs. Fanny Dashwood is angry when an acquaintance assumes Elinor and Marianne are staying with her. The acquaintance invites Fanny and the girls to a party. Fanny feels obliged to attend with them and send for a carriage to pick them up, which she resents.

Lucy is always interested in the price of Marianne’s wardrobe.

A man Elinor had seen at Gray’s turns out to be Edward’s brother Robert. Elinor finds him conceited. Robert says the difference between him and Edward is due to schooling. Edward had a private education, whereas Robert went to public school.

John Dashwood realizes they should invite Elinor and Marianne to stay with them. Fanny points out it will take them away from Lady Middleton. Besides she has already asked the Miss Steeles to stay. They can always ask the Dashwoods another time. She invites the Miss Steeles the next day. Lucy is delighted at the invitation. It will allow her to be with Edward, and it proves to her that the family does like her. Elinor realizes Lucy’s talent of ingratiating herself may be wearing down the opposition.

Jane Austen