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Summary Chapter 9

The Dashwood have settled into their home and are familiar with the place. They pursue activities with more enjoyment than they had at Norland. Mrs. Dashwood does not travel to visit many people, confining her social circle to those in walking distance, despite Sir John’s offer to let her use his carriage. The beautiful valley encourages exploration.

One day, Marianne and Margaret get caught in the rain. Marianne falls and turns her ankle while running home. A gentleman comes to her assistance and carries her to her house. The man is very handsome and charming. He is well received. His name is Willoughby. He asks to be allowed to call on them the next day, and they agree.

Marianne shares in their admiration of him. Sir John tells them that Willoughby comes down every year to visit a relative that he will inherit from. He is a kind man. Willoughby also has an estate in Somersetshire. He is considered a good catch. Marianne is upset that he can’t tell them more than that and about Willoughby’s hunting prowess.

Marianne admires Willoughby’s energy. Sir John feels sorry for Colonel Brandon.

Jane Austen