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Summary Chapter 45

Elinor feels sorry for Willoughby.

Mrs. Dashwood arrives and is relieved to hear that Marianne is better. She goes to Marianne. She orders Elinor to get some sleep.

Elinor finds sleep elusive, for Willoughby still is on her mind. She worries how the information will affect Marianne. She wishes Mrs. Willoughby would die, but she changes her mind when she remembers that Colonel Brandon is the better man.

Marianne continues to improve.

Mrs. Dashwood tells Elinor that Colonel Brandon admitted that he loved Marianne. She admires how he loved Marianne despite a lack of encouragement. He only seemed to think of her happiness and is a better man than Willoughby. Mrs. Dashwood is confident that one day Marianne will come to regard Colonel Brandon. He is more skeptical that she will ever look past his age and temperament. Mrs. Dashwood continues to list Colonel Brandon’s merits to Elinor. She gives herself credit for seeing flaws in Willoughby she hadn’t seen before. She is now plotting to send Elinor and Marianne to Delaford.

Jane Austen