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Summary Chapter 40

Mrs. Jennings congratulates Elinor, saying she couldn’t help overhearing Colonel Brandon’s proposal. Elinor doesn’t wish Mrs. Jennings to tell anyone, for she wishes to speak to Edward first. Mrs. Jennings, having a totally different concept as to what Colonel Brandon and Elinor were discussing, is confused. However, she assumes they wish Edward to marry them once he is ordained.

Elinor begins a letter to Edward about Colonel Brandon’s proposal when Edward enters the room. She is embarrassed by his presence, as is he. Edward tells her that Mrs. Jennings said that Elinor wanted to speak to him. Elinor tells him about Colonel Brandon’s offer. Edward is surprised. He thinks Elinor is responsible for the offer, but she tells him that Colonel Brandon sympathized with the injustice of what Edward’s mother did.

Edward leaves to see Colonel Brandon and thank him.

Mrs. Jennings comes back. It is then revealed that she believes Colonel Brandon has asked Elinor to marry him. Elinor tells her what the proposal really was. Mrs. Jennings is still pleased that Edward has a situation and believes it will allow him to marry Lucy sooner.

Jane Austen