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Summary Chapter 5

Mrs. Dashwood informs her son-in-law that she will soon quit his residence. Edward is distressed that they are moving so far to Devonshire. Mrs. Dashwood hopes her friends will come to see her, and she is certain she can accommodate them despite the cottage’s size. She graciously invites John Dashwood, his family, and Edward to visit.

John Dashwood tells her he is sorry that he can’t help her more with the furniture since she has chosen to move so far away. The cottage, though, is already furnished. She has a year lease on it. Conferring with Elinor, she sells anything she doesn’t plan to take with her. She also reduces her staff to three and sends two ahead.

Fanny, though she asks them to stay longer, barely is able to conceal her relief that they are leaving. Since John Dashwood often complains of rising expenses, Mrs. Dashwood has already come to expect little assistance from him despite the promise he made to her husband.

They finally are able to leave. They grieve about leaving a home they had so many happy memories in.

Jane Austen