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Summary Chapter 46

Marianne is well enough to visit Colonel Brandon four days later. He seems to see the ghost of Eliza in Marianne’s complexion.

Marianne recovers well enough to return to Barton. She has a better opinion of Mrs. Jennings and is more amiable to Colonel Brandon. Her spirits have improved.

Marianne does start to cry as they reach Barton, where she is reminded of Willoughby. She tries to put more effort into being happy. She makes plans for the future. Elinor is pleased that Marianne is learning to put her efforts into constructive past-times rather than indulging in self-destructive emotions and selfishness.

Marianne would like to be assured that Willoughby had once cared for her. She regrets how her own behavior made her vulnerable to someone like him. Her illness gave her time to think. She knows she brought her illness upon herself by being careless with her health. She is worried about how her loved ones would have thought of her had she have died, for she had neglected them. She had been rude to other people. She plans to focus on her family and improve her nature.

Elinor relates what Willoughby told her, hoping it will ease Marianne's mind.

Jane Austen