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Summary Chapter 43

Marianne claims to be better the next day, but this proves not to be the case. When she seems to get worse, Elinor agrees to send for an apothecary.

Mrs. Palmer worries about the illness being contagious and leaves with her child to a house of a relation. Mrs. Jennings stays to nurse Marianne. Mr. Palmer joins his wife.

Colonel Brandon is about to depart, but Mrs. Jennings persuades him to stay. Though the apothecary believes Marianne will recover, Mrs. Jennings and Colonel Brandon fear she will die.

Marianne seems to get better and then have a relapse. Elinor, fearing she is getting worse, sends for the apothecary and for her mother. Colonel Brandon offers to fetch Mrs. Dashwood himself.

Elinor feels guilty for not being alarmed by the illness from the start. She waited to send for her mother, and she may have deprived Marianne of seeing her mother for the last time and her mother of seeing Marianne alive for the last time.

The apothecary’s medicine continuously seems to fail. Elinor worries that Marianne’s disappointments took a toll on her health.

However, the last treatment seems to help…and Marianne starts showing signs of recovery.

A carriage comes, and Elinor thinks it is her mother and Colonel Brandon. However, it turns out to be Willoughby.

Jane Austen