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Summary Chapter 38

Elinor and Marianne admire Edward’s honor. However, the subject is painful to dwell on. Marianne feels selfish when she compares her conduct to Elinor’s.

Marianne is no longer going out, for the Willoughbys are in town again.

Elinor meets Anne Steele while walking. Anne says that Lucy was angry that she betrayed her secret but quickly forgave her. She said that people whispered that Edward wouldn’t give up Miss Morton for Lucy. However, he did. He told Lucy, though, it was unfair to hold her to the engagement. He could barely make a living as a curate. Lucy refused to break the engagement. They won’t marry until he has a career.

Mrs. Jennings expects them to have a lot of children and be very poor.

Lucy writes Elinor and says she and Edward are very happy. He plans to be ordained. Their prospects aren’t good. They hope their friends will come to their aide.

Jane Austen