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Summary Chapter 39

Marianne and Elinor wish to leave town. The Palmers invite them to Cleveland. Elinor accepts. Marianne is horrified, for it is too near Willoughby’s estate. Elinor points out it will be an hour’s trip from Barton if they went to Cleveland.

Colonel Brandon discusses Edward Ferrars with Elinor. He disapproves of what Mrs. Ferrars has done. He offers Edward a position at Delaford. He wants Elinor to convey the proposal to him. It will not offer a lot of money. Elinor is pleased and grateful, though. Colonel Brandon says the income will only support a bachelor, not a couple.

Mrs. Jennings, meanwhile, misinterprets what she has hard and believes Colonel Brandon has asked Elinor to marry him.

Jane Austen