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Summary Chapter 10

Willoughby calls the next morning. The visit makes him aware of the family’s virtues. Marianne is at first embarrassed by the informal way they met. However, after she gets over this, she finds herself admiring him. He in turn admires her beauty. They discover they have much in common. Elinor remarks afterwards that Marianne discussed so much that soon she’ll run out of topics to talk with him about.

Willoughby calls daily. His visits make Marianne’s confinement more pleasant.

Mrs. Dashwood approves of him. Elinor generally likes him but is concerned that he gives his opinions too easily for what is proper. For Marianne, he is everything she desires in a man. Her mother begins to see him as a future son-in-law.

Elinor realizes it was true that Colonel Brandon had liked Marianne. She wishes he didn’t, for his chances are unlikely against such a rival as Willoughby. Willoughby and Marianne both criticize him. Willoughby says Colonel Brandon is someone everyone respects but does not care about.

Elinor defends Colonel Brandon. She respect that he is sensible, well-traveled, well-read, and a true gentleman. Marianne finds him lacking in genius, taste, and spirit.

Willoughby admits he does dislike Colonel Brandon for promising rain when Willoughby wants it to be fine weather, for criticizing his hanging of his curricle, and for not buying his horse.

Jane Austen