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Summary Chapter 3

Mrs. Dashwood remains at Norland for several months, unable to leave while grieving for her husband. The place agitates her grief with reminders. As soon as she recovers, though, she becomes eager to find a new residence in the neighborhood, for she does not wish to lose all ties. Elinor rejects several houses that are too expensive. No place seems available that suits their needs and income.

Mrs. Dashwood was aware of her husband’s request to his son and trusted John’s word to uphold it. She is contemptuous of Fanny Dashwood, which her stay has not decreased. She tolerated Fanny as long as she did because Elinor is attached to Fanny’ brother Edward Ferrars. Edward Ferrars had a wealthy father, but his fortune is dependent on his mother’s will. Mrs. Dashwood only cares that he is a nice man who cares for her daughter, and who her daughter also favors.

Edward is a shy man. He is not handsome, and he was someone you needed to get to know in order to appreciate him. Though he had a good mind, he did not have the ability to distinguish himself like his mother and sister wished. He only wanted a quiet life. His younger brother had more hopes of fulfilling the expectations of his family.

Mrs. Dashwood liked Edward several weeks into their acquaintance. He was quiet and did not aggravate her nerves. She made an effort to get to know him and overcame his natural shyness. She could see him marrying her daughter within a few months after realizing he fancied Elinor.

Marianne likes Edward but would prefer a better choice for her sister. He is not handsome or spirited enough to her eyes. He doesn’t have an appreciation for the arts. Marianne could not be happy with a man who did not share her interests, but she realizes that Elinor may not feel the same way and find him suitable.

Marianne despairs that she will never find a man who suits her needs. Mrs. Dashwood reminds her she is too young to condemn her self to such a perception.

Jane Austen