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Summary Chapter 42

Everyone congratulates Elinor on going to Delaford. Mrs. Jennings, Lucy, and John Dashwood believe she will be a bride and stay there.

Marianne leaves London with painful memories. She is glad to quit the place, but doing so reminds her of everything that transpired with Willoughby. Elinor is relieved to be gone. She is free of Lucy. She believes returning to Barton will restore her sister’s peace of mind, and they will be away form Willoughby.

Elinor is surprised to find she likes the Palmers despite their deficiencies. Mrs. Palmer was kind, and her deficiency was more in ignorance than in a bad character. Mr. Palmer could be conceited and selfish, but he could also be agreeable.

Colonel Brandon tells Elinor the problems the Delaford parsonage has and what he plans to do about them. His attentiveness to her makes her understand why people think he wants to marry her. She knows, though, that Marianne is the one he loves.

Marianne catches a bad cold.

Jane Austen