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Summary Chapter 35

Having met Mrs. Ferrars and finding her disagreeable, Elinor is almost glad things didn’t work out with Edward. She does regret that he is engaged to such a woman as Lucy.

Lucy was ignorant that Mrs. Ferrars civility to her was only done to slight Elinor. She believes Mrs. Ferrars genuinely likes her. This will make it easier, as far as she is concerned, to see Edward.

Edward calls, and it is very awkward when he encounters Elinor and Lucy together. Elinor smooths over the awkwardness by greeting him.

Marianne joins them, delighted to see Edward, less so to see Lucy. She tells him she finds their relatives disgusting, particularly his mother. She asks why he did not come to the gathering. Lucy makes a snide reference to Willoughby’s broken engagement to Marianne. Marianne says Edward doesn’t hurt his friends.

Edward quickly leaves, and Lucy soon follows.

Jane Austen