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Summary Chapter 8

Mrs. Jennings had happily seen her two daughters become respectably married and now worked on getting other people married. She was acute in detecting feelings of attachment in young ladies. She noticed that Colonel Brandon favored Marianne Dashwood the first evening. She considered it an excellent match. She had wanted to marry Colonel Brandon off since she first met him.

Marianne doesn’t appreciate Mrs. Jennings jokes. Colonel Brandon is old enough to be her father and is too old for passion. He already has rheumatism. Though he may live longer, he is too old to marry as far as she is concerned.

Marianne worries that Edward is sick, for he still has not come to visit them. Mrs. Dashwood is content that he was pleased when they extended an invitation for him to come. Elinor didn’t apparently expect him so soon since she didn’t feel the need to get the guest bedroom prepared.

Marianne puzzles over her sister’s composed, almost cold parting with Edward. Elinor seemed to show no more emotion in leaving him than she did in leaving Norland.

Jane Austen