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Summary Chapter 7

The Middletons frequently have company. Entertaining provides amusement, makes up for what the country lacked, and allowed Mrs. Middleton to exercise her good breeding. She took delight in preparation. Her husband enjoyed people, particularly young people.

He looked forward to the new blood and was impressed by the unaffected Miss Dashwoods. He is unable to get many guests to attend the first dinner, for many were already engaged.

Lady Middleton’s mother attends. She is a cheerful if vulgar woman. Colonel Brandon is a bachelor who is rather sullen but a gentleman. Lady Middleton only expresses interest in her children, and the shortcomings of the guests are still considered a relief to her coldness.

Marianne entertains the party with her musical talent. She is put off by the attention she receives from the guests. Only Colonel Brandon possesses good manners, which makes up for his lack of passion in her eyes. She expects him to be less passionate because he is so old.

Jane Austen