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Summary Chapter 34

Fanny visits Mrs. Jennings and the girls the next day. She likes Mrs. Jennings and her daughter Lady Middleton immensely. She and Lady Middleton have much in common. Mrs. Jennings does not like Fanny Dashwood as well. She finds her proud, unfriendly, and not genuinely affectionate of her sister-in-laws.

Fanny refuses to speak about Edward, knowing Elinor’s regard for him. Lucy confirms that he is in town but has to be careful—for he is being watched. He does call at Mrs. Jennings when they are not there to greet him.

John Dashwood invites the Middletons, Mrs. Jennings, the Dashwood girls, and Colonel Brandon to dinner. Mrs. Ferrars is also going to attend. Elinor is interested in meeting her out of curiosity. The Steele girls have also been invited, mainly because Lady Middleton favors them rather than Fanny’s preference. Lucy is pleased, wanting to meet the family and ingratiate herself to them. Elinor expects Edward to be there and suddenly does not look forward to seeing him with Lucy. However, Lucy tells her he won’t be there.

Mrs. Ferrars is determined to dislike Elinor. This can’t hurt Elinor like it could have months ago. She is amused by Mrs. Ferrars being friendly to Lucy as a way to cut Elinor, not realizing that Lucy is the real threat.

John Dashwood shows Colonel Brandon some screens Elinor had painted. Mrs. Ferrars implies that Miss Morton paints better. Marianne says they don’t care about Miss Morton, which offends Mrs. Ferrars, John, and Fanny. Marianne then bursts into tears. This causes everyone to fret about her.

John Dashwood remarks on Marianne’s nervous temperament to Colonel Brandon. He says she has lost her looks. It is terrible to have been a beauty and then lose it.

Jane Austen