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Character Summary


MRS. HENRY DASHWOOD: a good-hearted but emotional woman. Mother to Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret.

ELINOR DASHWOOD: Henry Dashwood’s eldest daughter (17), very sensible

MARIANNE DASHWOOD: Second child of Henry Dashwood, very emotional

JOHN DASHWOOD: Henry Dashwood’s son by his first marriage

MRS. FANNY DASHWOOD: the selfish wife of John

EDWARD FERRARS: Fanny’s brother and the man Elinor loves

JOHN MIDDLETON: A relative of Mrs. Dashwood’s who offers her a cottage

LADY MIDDLETON: John Middleton’s elegant wife

MRS. JENNINGS: Lady Middleton’s cheerful, vulgar mother

COLONEL BRANDON: a bachelor friend of John Middleton’s

MR. WILLOUGHBY: a handsome gentleman that Marianne fancies

MRS. CHARLOTTE PALMER: Mrs. Jennings’ other daughter and Lady Middleton’s
younger sister

MR. THOMAS PALMER: Mrs. Palmer’s morose husband

LUCY STEELE: a pretty, clever girl who claims she is engaged to Edward Ferrars

ANNE (NANCY) STEELE: Lucy’s elder sister who is obsessed with beaux.

MRS. FERRARS: the strong-willed mother of Fanny, Edward, and Robert

ROBERT FERRARS: Edward’s younger and more promising brother


HARRY DASHWOOD: the main heir of the uncle, John’s son

noisy, rowdy children (one is a boy of 6 yrs)

MISS ELIZA WILLIAMS: The Colonel’s ward, daughter of his love Eliza

MRS. SMITH: Willoughby’s relation

MR. PRATT: the Steele girls’ uncle

MRS. TAYLOR: a friend of Mrs. Jennings

MISS SOPHIA GREY: the jealous woman Willoughby is to marry

MR. AND MRS. ELLISON: Miss Grey’s guardians

ELIZA: a woman Colonel Brandon once loved whom Marianne reminds him of, mother of little Eliza

MR. DAVIES: a doctor

MISS MORTON: a woman Mrs. Ferrars wants her son Edward to marry

MR. DONOVAN: doctor to the Palmers and Dashwoods

MR. HARRIS: apothecary

THOMAS: Dashwoods’ manservant

Jane Austen