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Summary Chapter 6

They are melancholy when they depart and can’t enjoy the first part of their journey. However, interest in the scenery of their new home soon dispels the depression. Barton Valley is a place of pastures and woods.

Barton Cottage is a compact but comfortable house. It really doesn't look like a cottage. However, they are pleased with it despite its small size. Mrs. Dashwood hopes to alter it, but for now they make do—aware of their financial situation.

They unpack and settle in. John Middleton calls and welcomes them. He helps them with small acts of kindness. Lady Middleton visits them as soon as they invite her. She is much younger than her husband, but she is a handsome, elegant woman. She lacks warmth in her nature. She brings her child, which helps ease the awkwardness in conversations. Mr. Middleton invites them to dinner.

Jane Austen