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Summary Chapter 41

Edward thanks Colonel Brandon and then tells Lucy the news. Lucy is very happy, believing it will also allow them to marry sooner.

Elinor calls on Fanny to see how she is doing. Mrs. Jennings and Marianne refuse to accompany her out of dislike for Fanny.

Elinor meets her brother John. He asks if it is true that Colonel Brandon gave Edward a situation, and Elinor confirms this. John Dashwood wonders why Colonel Brandon did it, for there was no connection between him and Edward. Elinor says he sympathized with and wanted to help Edward. Her brother warns her not to bring it up to Fanny. They haven’t told Mrs. Ferrars. Elinor doesn’t see why a parent who disowns a child should care any longer what he does. John says that Mrs. Ferrars will never forget that Edward is her son.

John says they are planning to have Robert marry Miss Morton. He tells Elinor Mrs. Ferrars admitted that Edward marrying Elinor would have been better than Lucy.
However, John Dashwood still thinks Colonel Brandon will marry Elinor.

They encounter Robert, who is pleased how he has benefited from Edward’s disgrace. Elinor thinks he is a pig because of it. He finds the idea of Edward being a clergyman ridiculous. Robert claims he met Lucy once, who he found awkward and unfashionable.

Mrs. Fanny Dashwood is more civil to Elinor.

Jane Austen