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Summary Chapter 27

Mrs. Jennings remarks that the fine weather will keep sportsmen in the country. Marianne finds this comforting, for it might explain why Willoughby—who is a great sportman—has not come. Marianne starts watching the weather for a frost that will bring the sportsmen into town.

Elinor doesn’t find the visit with Mrs. Jennings as vexing as she feared. Colonel Brandon visits daily. He seems to love Marianne more and is more depressed by her lack of interest.

Willoughby finally visits when they are out calling. Marianne looks forward to his calling the next day, which she assumes he will. The next day, she refuses to go out. When they return, they find that Willoughby has neither visited nor written.

The Middletons have arrived and invite them to visit the following evening. Marainne is unwilling to go, fearing she will miss Willoughby again if he calls. Sir John throws an unplanned ball, much to the consternation of his wife. Marianne is not friendly after seeing that Willoughby is not there.

Marianne writes another letter to Willoughby.

Colonel Brandon visits, seeming to be agitated. Elinor thinks he has long been wanting to reveal something. He asks if Marianne is indeed engaged.

Elinor says they seem to regard each other highly, but she knows of no official engagement. Colonel Brandon wishes Marianne happiness and that Willoughby deserves her. He then abruptly leaves.

Jane Austen