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Summary Chapter 12

Marianne accepts the gift of a horse from Willoughby without any thought to the fact that her family would have to pay for its upkeep and had no place to put it. Elinor also believes it is not proper to accept a gift from someone they have only known for a short time.

Marianne protests on both accounts. She believes time doesn’t determine intimacy. Some people can be acquainted for years and never be intimate, and others can become intimate within a week.

Elinor speaks to their mother, who convinces Marianne to decline the gift. Willoughby says he’ll keep it for her until their circumstances change. Elinor believes they plan to become engaged. Margaret also tells Elinor that Willoughby cut off a locket of Marianne’s hair.

Elinor is upset when Mrs. Jennings is trying to find out from Margaret who the man is that Elinor favors. Lady Middleton changes the subject, not liking it, by commenting on the weather—and Colonel Brandon continues the topic after seeing Elinor’s discomfiture.

Jane Austen