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Summary Chapter 18

Elinor and Edward don’t seem to fully enjoy his visit. He is unhappy and shows none of his previous affection to Elinor. Marianne tries to give them time to themselves, but Edward never uses it.

Elinor observes that Edward often feels people claim to have feelings they don’t. He has went the opposite way to avoid this pretension by acting indifferent. Marianne admits that she often refrains from describing her delight because she can only think of overly-used expressions that are spouted by people who don’t feel anything but pretend they do.

Marianne notices a ring on Edwards finger that has a lock of hair. She regrets asking about it, for it makes Edward and Elinor uncomfortable. Edward claims it is a lock of Fanny’s hair.

Elinor realizes it is her own hair. While Marianne thinks Elinor gave it freely, Edward actually stoled it. Elinor decides to ignore it, though she wants to make sure it is her hair.

Edward becomes more sullen.

Sir John and Mrs. Jennings come to visit in order to see the new guest. Sir John invites them to tea and to a party. Edward notices Marianne’s reaction when Willoughby’s name is mentioned.

Jane Austen