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Summary Chapter 42

Silas searches for “Sid” in the morning but doesn’t find him. He and Sally begin to worry. However, he remembers the letter he got from the post office the day before. It was from Aunt Polly. The letter shows a picture of Tom and Jim. She tells Sally that Tom is alive and Jim has been captured.

The men want to hang Jim for running away and causing so much trouble. However, others point out they’ll have to pay for him if his owners show up. Jim is chained more securely and more heavily guarded. The doctor pleads for mercy to be shown towards Jim. Tom had become delirious with his injury. Jim had helped, despite it risking his freedom and being in a state of exhaustion himself. The men are gentler with Jim after that.

When Tom wakes up, he confesses to his aunt that they helped Jim escape, they stoled the items, and they wrote the letters. He is proud of it, saying it was fun. He gets upset, though, when he finds out Jim has been recaptured. He reveals that Miss Watson died two months ago and had set Jim free, ashamed that she had ever thought of selling him. Tom only did the things the way he did because it was more adventurous.

Aunt Polly arrives and identifies “Sid” as Tom and “Tom” as Huck Finn. She also confirms that Miss Watson set Jim free.

Mark Twain