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Summary Chapter 34

Tom realizes where Jim is being kept after seeing a servant bring watermelon to a hut. The servant had a key, so Tom reasons he must have had to unlock something.

Huck comes up with a safe plan. Tom comes up with a more satisfying, dangerous plan—for things are not worth doing if they don’t involve risks. Huck is surprised that Tom is helping to free Jim. He was raised properly and is really smart. It isn’t the type of thing he would do.

Huck keeps finding easy ways to enter the hut. Tom wants a more complicated, risky entrance. He decides to dig Jim out.

They make friends with the servant who brings Jim food. The man shows them Jim, who shouts a greeting. However, Tom pretends Jim didn’t shout the greeting. He tells the servant that witches are confounding his senses by making him think he heard Jim shout a greeting. Tom gives the servant a dime and promises not to tell his employer about the episode. They tell Jim they are going to free him.

Mark Twain