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Summary Chapter 25

The whole town comes to greet them. Huck finds Mary Jane to be beautiful. The girls are happy to see their uncles.

The duke and the king go to Peter’s coffin and start crying. Everybody cries with them. The men kneel and pray. Everybody cries harder. The women come up and kiss them. Huck is disgusted.

The king makes a tearful speech about how sad it is to lose their brother and to not be able to see him alive after a long journey, but he is grateful for the townspeople’s sympathy. He requests some of Peter’s friends to join them for dinner. Three are unavailable, but the rest can come.

The king mentions information about people in town, saying that Peter often wrote him. Mary Jane gives him the letter Peter left behind about how he wanted this assets to be divided up. Peter mentions where to find some hidden cash in the cellar in the letter. The king and duke find it. When they count it, though, it is less than what the man claimed was down there. The duke assumes Peter made a mistake, since he was a sick man. The king worries the people will think that they stoled it when they count it before the others. The duke decides they should make up the difference. He then suggests they give the girls the money to remove any suspicion. Everybody thinks they are generous when they do so.

The king invites everybody to the orgy after the funeral. The duke writes the proper word (obsequies) on a piece of paper. The king explains that they use the term orgy in England.

Dr. Robinson laughs and denounces the two men as frauds. The English accent is obviously fake. The townspeople try to convince the doctor that the men are Peter’s brothers. They know information only Peter would know. The doctor pleads with Mary Jane to turn the impostors out. He tells her that the king was able to pick up information somewhere, but he is an impostor. His English accent is fake.

Mary Jane refuses to believe this. She gives the king the money he found and asks him to invest it. The doctor says they will regret this day and leaves.

Mark Twain