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Summary Chapter 7

Mr. Finn wakes Huck up the next day. He looks sick. He asks what Huck is doing with the shotgun. Huck tells him that someone was trying to break in, and he couldn’t rouse his father.

Mr. Finn sends Huck to go fishing. It is the time when the river is rising, which is a profitable time—for you can sell floating logs to the sawmill. Huck spots a drifting canoe. He hides it, planning to use it when he runs away.

Mr. Finn rounds up some logs to sell to the mill. He locks Huck in. Huck saws his way out. He takes everything of value.

To make sure that nobody follows him, he decides to make it look like he has been killed. He covers up the hole he sawed to escape from. He shoots a pig and lets it bleed inside the cabin. He uses an ax on the door to make it look like someone broke in. He pulls out some of his hairs and puts it on the ax. He drags the pig to the river and throws it in. He cuts a hole in the cornmeal sack and leads a trail in the opposite direction from where he is planning on going (making people think this is the direction the thieves took).

He plans to go to Jackson Island.

He shoves off. He later sees his father paddling on the river, and he hurriedly paddles away. He lets the canoe drift as he nears the ferry. He makes his way to Jackson Island as soon as he passes the ferry.

Mark Twain