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Summary Chapter 2

Huck trips near a window, causing Miss Watson's servant Jim to look out. He comes out and sits between the places where Tom and Huck are hiding. Huck is itchy but tries not to make a sound. Jim eventually falls asleep. Tom wants to tie Jim to the tree, but Huck worries the disturbance Jim will cause will alert everyone to the fact that Huck isn’t there. They get some candles from the kitchen. Tom leaves a coin behind to pay for them.

Tom puts Jim’s hat on a branch above him. Jim believes he was bewitched by witches. The places they took him changes each time he tells the story. The other blacks are in awe of him because of this story. Jim also clams the Devil gave him the five cent coin he wears around his neck (which was the coin left by Tom to pay for the candles), which he claims he can cure people with.

Tom and Huck join Ben Rogers, Joe Harper, and several other boys. They take a skiff and go to the back entrance of the cave Tom had discovered.

Tom says they are starting a gang of robbers called Tom Sawyer’s Gang. They have to take an oath and write their name in blood. They almost eliminate Huck from the gang because he doesn’t have a family to kill if he tells on them. He offers up Miss Watson. Tom discusses what they will and won’t do as robbers. Some things he claims they have to do (like ransom people) he doesn’t know what that means. Ben Rogers argues about points. He doesn’t like keeping prisoners he has to lose sleep guarding. Tom wants to do things by the book. People who are in books must know the proper way to do things. Ben also doesn’t want to keep the women they capture alive in the cave. The cave will get cluttered with women, and there won’t be any room for robbers.

One of the boys cries and wants to go home to mama. He gets mad when the other boys make fun of him and threatens to tell. Tom gives him five cents to be quiet. Tom is elected first captain. Joe is second captain. They argue about which day they should meet.

Huck returns home. His clothes are dirty.

Mark Twain