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Summary Chapter 26

Mary Jane sets the guests up with rooms. Huck acts as their servant. Mary Jane insults her meal to get compliments that it is actually good.

The deformed sister has dinner with Huck. She asks him questions about England, which makes him nervous. When he gets into trouble, he pretends to choke on a bone. She doesn’t believe all his stories. Mary Jane chides her for saying so and shaming him. Whether he lied or not is not the point. It wasn’t kind to treat a stranger like that.

Huck feels bad that he is standing by and letting the con artists rob these girls. He decides to steal the money and hide it. He goes to the king’s room after an unsuccessful search. He plans to hide and listen in on the men to see if they reveal the location of the money.

The duke is worried about the doctor and wants to leave with what they have. The king wants to get the other assets. The duke doesn’t want to rob the girls of everything. The kings says the sales won’t be valid once the people realize they didn’t own the property to begin with. The property will be returned to the orphans. The only ones who will suffer are those that tried to buy the land. Everybody is on their side, so the doctor can’t hurt them.

The duke thinks their hiding place isn’t good. The king agrees and gets the money. He hides it in the bed. Huck grabs the money when they leave. He goes to his room and waits for them to go to bed.

Mark Twain