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Summary Chapter 14

Huck and Jim examine the loot from the Walter Scott. The particularly like the cigars. Huck considers the situation an adventure, but Jim has no interest in adventures. Adventures get you killed or sold down South.

Huck tells Him about the grand life of kings. They debate on whether King Soloman was truly wise. Jim doesn’t believe he was. Why split a child in two when you could just ask the neighbors who it belonged to? Huck thinks Jim has missed the point. Jim thinks that Soloman could propose such a monstrous thing because he ewas a man with plenty, and so he didn’t understand the value of things. He had thousands of children, so it wasn’t a big deal to chop up one.

Huck gives up and tells him about Louis XVI and how the French speak another language. Jim also doesn’t understand that humans can talk different languages. He thinks English is the language of humans.

Mark Twain