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Summary Chapter 6

Mr. Finn recovers. He goes to court to try to get his son’s money. He goes after Huck for continuing his education at school. Huck goes despite the thrashing he gets just to spite his father. He borrows money to give to his father to avoid beatings. The father continuously winds up in jail after getting drunk.

The Widow threatens to make trouble for Mr. Finn if he doesn’t stop stalking her place. He kidnaps Huck and takes him to a log cabin. He never lets Huck out of his sight. He locks Huck in when he goes to town. The Widow finds out where Huck is and sends someone to fetch him, but Mr. Finn chases them away with a shotgun.

Huck reverts to his old lifestyle. His clothes become rags. He begins to enjoy it and wonders why he liked it at the widow’s so well. He starts cussing again.

However, his father becomes more abusive and starts leaving him at home alone more often. Huck gets lonely, and he worries about his father dying and leaving him trapped in the cabin.

He finds a wood saw and starts sawing away to make an opening for him to escape through. His father returns, though, before he can escape.

Mr. Finn is in a bad mood. Judge Thatcher knows how to stall a trial. Mr. Finn will probably win the case for Huck’s money, but there is a case to take Huck away from him that he will probably lose.

Huck plans to run away and always remain on the move so nobody can catch him. He plans to run away after his father passes out that night.

Mr. Finn rants about the government, which allows a man’s son to be taken away from him. The government also allows a black man to get an education and vote in some states.

The father drinks but doesn’t fall asleep. He is edgy. Huck is woken up by his screams. He claims he is covered in snakes that are biting him. He is hallucinating. He goes after Huck with a knife, thinking he is the Angel of Death. He finally falls asleep, vowing to kill Huck when he wakes up.

Huck grabs the shotgun and waits for his father to stir.

Mark Twain