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Summary Chapter 27

Huck hides the money in the coffin. Mary Jane comes down to cry by it. Huck is upset as he returns to his room. They money will be discovered when they screw on the lid, and the king will get it again. He can’t move it now because it is too close to morning—and everyone will be up soon.

People come in the morning to get a last look at the deceased. The Reverend does a eulogy. A dog howling in the cellar interrupts it, so the undertaker goes down and slaps it.

The undertaker screws the lid on. Huck doesn’t know if the money is still inside or not. He is reluctant to say anything if he isn’t certain. He wished he’d not interfered.

Peter is buried.

The king tells everyone he needs to return to England. He plans to settle the estate. He tells the girls he’ll take them with him. Everybody is sorry to see them go but glad the girls are going to be with family.

The girls are unhappy when the king sells the servants, particularly as he separates a mother from her children. The townspeople think it is wrong too. The duke is uneasy.

The king and the duke discover that the money is missing. Huck tells them the servants stoled it. The duke is amused, but the king is angry.

Mark Twain