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Summary Chapter 24

Jim complains about being left alone for long periods of time. He has to stay tied up in case people come looking to give the appearance that he is a captured slave. The duke dresses him up in a King Lear costume and puts up a sign saying he is a sick Arab who sometimes goes crazy. He is confident this will keep people away.

The con artists try to figure out what act they should put on in the two nearby towns. They worry their last scam won’t work because the news might have traveled to the towns by now.

They put on their new clothes. Huck marvels about how new clothes can change someone’s appearance.

They head for a steamboat, planning to ride into town. They meet a man who is heading in the same direction. The man asks the king if he is Peter Wilks’ brother. Peter had wanted to see his brother before he died. Though word was sent, no one came. Peter didn’t leave a will, only a letter to his brother saying how he wanted things divided up.

Peter was taking care of his deceased brother George’s daughters. He wanted to make sure that they were taken care of. He wanted to see his brothers Harvey and William. William is deaf, and Harvey lives in England. He may not have gotten the letter.

Peter’s friends are caring for the girls. The king asks questions about Peter and Harvey. When they drop off the man, the king sends Huck back to fetch the duke.

The king has the duke practice an English accent. The king plans to be the deaf and dumb brother.

The steamboat isn’t willing to take them on a short ride, but the king bribes them. When they land on shore, they inquire after Peter, posing as his two brothers. Huck feels ashamed by the whole thing.

Mark Twain