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Summary Chapter 31

They don’t stop at any towns. The farther down south they go, the warmer it gets. Huck sees Spanish moss for the first time. The con artists start to feel safe and being their scams again. However, they are discovered as frauds before they can make a profit. They get poor.

Jim and Huck get uneasy as the men confer on a scheme. They figure they are planning a robbery and decide they’ll get away from the men at the first opportunity.

In Pikesville, the king goes to a village to scout around. He tells them to come along if he hasn’t returned by mid-day. The duke is agitated and quarrelsome, making Huck suspect they are planning a robbery.

Huck and the duke find the king fighting with some men. While the king and duke start fighting, Huck runs away. He runs back to the raft but can’t find Jim. He learns from a boy that Jim was captured. Huck also learns that it was the king that was the one who turned Jim in.

Huck considers writing to Miss Watson. However, he remembers that she was going to sell Jim anyway. Even if she didn’t sell him, Jim would be despised as an ungrateful servant and be treated badly by everyone. Huck would be disgraced for helping him. Huck believes he is suffering from the hand of Providence.

Huck tries to pray but can’t. He realizes he can’t repent because his repentance is a lie.

Huck writes to Miss Watson and tells her where Jim is. However, he then remembers all the times with Jim—and how Jim had said that Huck was his only friend. He tears the letter up, even though he knows he is going to Hell. He plans to steal Jim back.

When he goes to town, he sees the duke putting up an advertisement for a play. Huck says he was helping a man transport a sheep. The sheep got loose, and they chased him. When he got back, the raft and Jim were gone. The duke says the king sold Jim, but he figured that Huck stoled the raft. The duke tells Huck the wrong name of the man who bought Jim. He tells Huck not to tell on them and make sure that Jim keeps quiet.

Mark Twain