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Summary Chapter 30

The king accuses Huck of trying to give them the slip. Huck says that his captor let him go (which isn’t true). He says he couldn’t help them and assumed they were dead. He told Jim to leave, but he is glad to see that the king and duke are alive and well. The duke tells the king they would have done the same in Huck’s shoes and to leave him alone.

The duke blames the king for getting them into that mess. It is fortunate that the gold was found in the coffin. It allowed them to get away. The men accuse each other of stealing it and putting it in the coffin. They start fighting. They then each admit they had planned to steal it and come back for it, leaving the other out of the cut. When the duke begins to strangle the king, the king admits he stoled the gold to save his life. The men get drunk and make up. Huck updates Jim on what really happened.

Mark Twain