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Summary Chapter 15

Jim and Huck plan to go to Cairo, Illinois. They’ll sell the raft and get voyage on a steamboat heading to the free state of Ohio.

A fog come in. Huck goes to a towhead. The raft breaks away from the sapling he ties it to. Huck gets into the canoe and goes after it.

Huck whoops and hears a replying whoop. He isn’t sure, though, it is Jim making the whoops. He can’t follow it in the fog.

Huck finally falls asleep. When he wakes, it is night and the fog is gone. Huck finally sees the raft. Jim is relieved to see he isn’t drowned.

As Jim had been sleeping, Huck decides to deny losing the raft. He claims he never left it. He claims it was all in Jim’s head. Jim finally seems convinced this is the case. However, later he reveals he knows Huck tried to fool him. He nearly was heartbroken when Huck went missing. Huck apologizes.

Mark Twain