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Summary Chapter 20

The men try to learn if Jim is a runaway slave. Huck says that Jim belongs to him, but because people don’t believe him, they only travel at night.

The men fight over Jim and Huck’s beds.

There is a storm that night. The waves wash Huck overboard while he sleeps, but he isn’t harmed.

Later, their companions plan to put on a Shakespearean play.

They go to a town. They hear everyone is at a camp meeting. They go to it. The preacher is causing the crowd to get emotional with his sermon.

The Dauphin gets up and tells everyone he is a reformed pirate. He asks for donations to help reform other pirates. All the girls kiss him and people contribute money. He is invited to stay.

The duke has a flier printed up about a runaway slave. This will allow them to travel during the day. They’ll say they are returning Jim and are too poor to travel by steamboat.

Jim remarks that he hopes they don’t meet anymore kings and dukes. These two are enough to handle.

Mark Twain