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Summary Chapter 13

Huck and Jim search for a skiff on the Walter Scott. Jim is frightened out of his wits. Huck encourages him to continue on. They finally find a skiff.

The thieves come out and get into the boat. They are about to shove off when they realize Turner still has his cut of the money. When they return to get it, Huck and Jim jump into the boat and cast off.

Huck feels sorry for the murderers. He figures he may turn bad, and he wouldn’t want to be left to drown. He plans to send people to rescue them.

However, a storm erupts and prevents this. However, they do find their raft. They also find loot in the boat they are in that the gang had put into it.

Huck goes to a nearby village and tells a watchman that there are people trapped on the wreck, though he neglects to mention what sort of people they are. However, Huck finds the remains of the Walter Scott floating in the river on his return trip and knows everyone drowned.

Jim and Huck sink the skiff from the Walter Scott after heading to an island. They sleep like the dead.

Mark Twain